Case Study | Socar Georgia



Operation Restructuring & Business Process Restructuring


The objective of the project was to develop business and functional requirements for the billing system that could cover billing of natural gas supply, distribution and other relevant services of the company, considering regulations of the industry and business structure of the company (group of companies). Existing challenges included:

  • Reliability and completeness of reporting for regulatory institutions (GNERC);
  • Reliability and completeness of reporting for financial and managerial accounting;
  • Tracking of historical changes in financial and operational information;
  • Validity of financial and non-financial correction process;
  • Differentiation of customers of different legal entities (members of the group);
  • Availability of billing of all services provided by the group;
  • Integration with an accounting system.


During the project, GEC team conducted multiple workshops and interviews, involving top and middle management of the company in finance and accounting, operations, internal audit managers and specialists with the purpose to develop and analyze business requirements of the company. The business analysis included an analysis of changes in operational and accounting practices within the organization.

Functional requirements were developed according to the analysis of business requirements. Functional requirements included the development of logical data structure of the billing system, development of processes, and description of corresponding functionality to be enabled by the system.


The outcome of the consulting service was business and functional requirements documents that were used in the system development process and restructuring of company business processes and financial accounting practice. Services of more than 400000 customers were accounted and processed by the system, ensuring:

  • Financial and operational reporting for internal and external purposes;
  • Historical tracking of events;
  • Flexibility to allow the addition of different services and ensure service-specific business processes without the complex involvement of programming;
  • The ability to offer integrated/or separate management of customers of different legal entities;
  • Decentralization of management of services;
  • Optimization of customer relationship management.

Thanks to GEC team, we optimized our operations and improved our customer service.– Levan Gogodze, Head of Legal Department