Case Study | Expo Georgia



Organizational Development and HR strategies; Performance Strategies; Operational Restructuring & Business Process Restructuring; Management System Restructuring.


Expo Georgia is the only convention center in Georgia and the leading one in the Caucasus region. The company organizes trade fairs and various types of conferences, congresses, and events.

The objective of the project was to conduct an organizational performance assessment of Expo Georgia and develop a business model which would ensure efficient operations, create a highly effective sales approach, and meet the needs of Expo Georgia’s development plans in the future.  GEC team was hired to conduct organizational diagnosis, develop solution package for restructuring, provide an action plan for implementing changes and provide help in the implementation process.


  • The lack of research-based decisions and planning procedures were identified, which lead to the establishment of new – product development department;
  • A new sales team structure was developed enabling salesmen to both: sell portfolios of shows and focus on single shows by introducing the new role of sales champions;
  • Three main business lines: exhibition, event, and rent were identified and different strategic approaches were developed for all of them;
  • Organizational structure was redesigned;
  • A new sales approach was deployed;
  • Policies and procedures were developed and are being deployed by all departments;
  • Pay structure and Bonus system were developed and adopted.


Expo Georgia went through organizational restructuring and the results for the first year indicated:

  • 50% increase in sales;
  • 16% reduction in costs.

GEC played critical role in assessment, planning and further support, thus proving its reputation as a brilliant, reliable partner one can have without any reservation. Teo Tavadze, Head of the Sales Department